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It is a 'departement' of southern France, in the region "Midi-Pyrénées". The Tarn geographically goes from the plateaus next to the south-west of the Massif central and up in the south-east, with the northern side of the Black Mountain (1,210 m), the Sidobre plateau and the mounts of Lacaune (1,267 m).

The Tarn, the Dadou, the Agout and the Thoré rivers flow there.

It is the historical region of "Albigeois" and "Haut-Languedoc".

The county-seat of the department is Albi, and the 2nd main city is Castres. The assize court is in Albi and the court of appeal in Toulouse, as well as for the center of the school Academy, while the bishopric is in Albi.

The Black Mountain

It is the southern part of the Massif central, located mostly in Tarn. The Black Mountain stretches between the valley of the Thoré in the north (around Mazamet) and the Fresquel plain in Aude (another department) in the south (around Carcassonne).

It culminates at the "pic de Nore" (1,210 m). It is a crystalline mountain with heavy asymmetrical shapes: falling abruptly in the Thoré river on the Northern side, while the southern side slowly descends towards the Minervois vineyards.

The forest, is made of oak trees, beech trees, chestnut trees, and conifers. It profits by strong rains (more than 1,000 mm per year), and some artificial lakes were created for the production of electricity and tourism.

Tourism is an expanding activity. Hikers of all kinds will appreciate wandering along the marked paths across the mountain, or the Sidobre's granite chaos, or along the mountain lakes,...

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