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Mazamet, my hometown

..."Crescam et lucebo"... ..."I shall grow, and I shall shine"...

... It is the motto of Mazamet, a small city in Tarn, in the South West of France. Located at the center of the Black Mountain, its geographic situation has always isolated it from the rest of the region. It forced the " Mazametains" (the people from Mazamet) to export themselves, endowed with a tough nature because of the rigors of the climate, the mountains, and the multiple Historical events which tore the region apart.
Because of their perseverance, Mazamet became the world-wide center for the processing of sheep & lamb skins, from the end of the XIXth century to the second third of the XXieth. They created an innovative industry: fellmongery, and "Megisserie" downstream, which tans the skins, then cleared of the wool.


Mazamet was a witness of the first barbarian invasions, a breeding ground for Cathars, then a Protestant refuge during the terrible Religious Wars, and at last, an international industrial pole...

Mazamet has come down the mountain, from the medieval village of Hautpoul which one can see the silhouette overlooking the valley, the statue of Virgin Mary guarding the city.

Nowadays, thanks to the Community of Urban districts, Mazamet enters the 21st century, with a renewed political will to orientate the local economy towards high-tech industries, original industries (MENGUY'S™ peanuts, dry fruits,...), industries at the top of their activity (PHALIPPOU-FRAYSSINET, 1st fertilizers producer in France; Galinier furniture;...) tourism,...

Thanks to my proud and brave Mazametain ancestors, who made me love this funny relentless little city...



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