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1225   Excommunication of Raimond VII
1226 May: The crusade resumes under the leadership of Louis VIII
June 10th Submission of all the Occitanian cities
1228 November The brothers of Termes leave the fortress to the king of France
1229 November: Meaux treaty (ending the fights), and beginning of the Inquisition
1232 Cathar Synod of Montségur
1240 Saint Louis leads the crusade and settles in Carcassonne, which he starts renovating.
October:   Raymond de Trencavel (the former Lord of Carcassonne) gathers an army
End of October: Raymond de Trencavel takes refuge inAragon
Novembre 16th: Surrender of Peyrepertuse
1241 Raimond VII of Toulouse denies the Meaux treaty
1242 May: 12 Inquisiteurs are slaughtered in Avignonet
July 2nd to 24th: Raimond VII is excommunicated again, he surrenders and goes to Rome.
1243 January: Peace of Lor
May:  Siege Montségur
1244 March: Defeat of Montségur
1248 Death of Raimond VII, Languedoc becomes property of the Kingdom of France
1255 Siege and defeat of Quéribus
1258 The Corbeil treaty determines the border between Corbières and Aragon

Other forteresses having taken an important part in the Cathar history...

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