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The trip by car from Salt Lake City up to Jackson Hole which is at the southern entrance of Grand Teton National park, just before Yellowstone National Park, is an expedition in itself, and leaves one's imagination take over reality as one goes through beautiful landscapes. It's a guaranteed return to Mother Nature, and what a return it is!

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The Snake River.
We went across it many times!

Grand Teton (middle peak) for rock climbers and hikers

In Yellowstone, by the end of May, the lakes are still... FROZEN!!!

Not ALL of them, okay....

let's recap, shall we?... Yellowstone is right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains at a minimal altitude of 2400m!... By the end of May there is more than 2.50m of snow some places!

First American Buffalos... Impressive (height and potential charging power!). Those were bred, but still...!

And here is a wild fellow buffalo!

The hot springs of Mud Volcano kill every life around because of the heat and the sulfuric acid.

It is most apreaciated by rheumatic patients (an old buffalo in the back ground)

The steam is the result of the sulfur gas. The mud doesn't reach an actual boiling temperature
(only 80°C)

A Grizzly *mom* and its son!

byt the end of the day, thay were walking on and sometimes sinking into the melting snow.

brave campers:
25/30°C during the day,
-5/-10°C at night!!!!!!!!!

The cool morning atmosphere made the springs steam even more...

A feaw steaming pools with their crown of dead trees. 

that's why it's called

the upper falls, and the Canyon of the Yellowstone river…

Another point of view on the Canyon.

The wonders of the animal reign, live and without filters!

a very curious squirrel...

... a lone Coyote hunting for its evening meal!

… a female elk resting... in a garden!

That afternoon, we went horseback riding at Mammoth Terraces, and went through big herds of elk...

Mammoth terraces: it's sandstone, not snow!

Mother Nature is an extraordinary sculptor

No, we haven't gone to Venus, the colors are:

- Bacteriae (red & green)
- active springs on sandstone (white)
- non active springs (grey)

The Titans' kitchen with noises like a huge caldron full of soup (blob! Blub-blub!), and a scent of rotten egg absolutely delicious! What the Earth must have looked like in the beginning... 

Norris hot springs

bacteriae paint changing patterns underneath the hot streams…

Would love to bathe there? Well, it's sulfuric acid!!!

Old Faithful Geyser

Steam geyser: we missed the eruption.


A "Ground Squirrel"

A female moose

Bacteria and algae...
Not an aerial picture! 

- orange = bacteriae,
- white = sandstone
- deep blue =
Sulfuric acid !

bacteriae again in the streaming water of the hot springs.

the ending of the canyon of the Yellowstone river

The layer on top of the Canyon is the result of the rapid solidification of a lava flow, that looks like it were an organ.

A male elk

ultimate reward: a Grizzly bear 100m from us!

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