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After the tragic events of September 11th 2001, some of these pictures are now History.
They are my dedication to the memory of the victims, and because one should never flinch before blind terrorism.

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That perfect chessboard
is New York from the plane!




… the smallest limousine, a "TOWNCAR".

First steps in Manhattan: Welcome to New York!… We wandered through the streets from the Madison Square Garden, through Chelsea, Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown to the "financial district" with Broadway and Wall Street (about 8 km from Penn Station underneath the Madison Square Garden!)

The Empire State Building …

… and the twin towers of the World Trade Center… lost in the clouds (May 1999)

Wall Street: far less impressive than what it represents! 

Wall Street: The Famous Stock exchange place is lost in the middle of huge buildings, and it's not even in Wall Street!…

The Sunny day pushed us to take the Ferry to Staten Island
Here is the New York harbour, almost like the immigrants discovered it about 200 years ago.



 the southern end of Manhattan from the bay of New york

And there she is!!! 



the bridge which closes
the bay:


 The Empire State Building in the background and the World Trade Center on the foreground 

The ride up one of the twins towers (110 stories) allowed to have a spectacular view of Manhattan if the visibility is correct! .



110 stories high....  

The Brooklyn bridge, leading to the borrough of the same name on the other side of the East river (centre right), and Queens (centre left)


The north of Manhattan (Harlem in the midst), The Empire State Building towers at the centre. 


The bay with Liberty Island (centre right)

two tourists (us!)...

...at the top of one of the twin towers
(May 1999)...




the Brooklyn Bridge & Brooklyn with its docks 

In New York, every museum is worth the visit, but one in particular, is a must see: the MET (comparable to the British Museum or the Louvres). 

NewYork21.jpg (20365 octets)

One of the many surprises of the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Arts): a small egyptian temple!

The view from the Empire State Building is different than from the World Trade center, more centered. 


The southern end of Manhattan from the Empire State Building (only 87 stories!)

 The famous 5th avenue… 

… with its endless lines of yellow cabs! 

 The Empire State building



The Maddison square garden

The Chrysler building




TimeSquare.jpg (25452 octets)

Time Square

After dining at a rotating restaurant tournant (the stylish Mariott!) near Times Square, we went for a tour of New York by night.

This beautiful picture of
the Chrysler Building was given to me by a friend

These psychedelic pictures are Manhattan by night, taken from a car...

The Empire State Building (blue-white-red)

and the twin towers


TwinsMay99.jpg (135062 octets)

On that picture of Twin towers and the bay, taken from the Empire State Building, one can see the financial district on the left, Staten Island in the background, Liberty Island and Ellis Island on the right.

The Hudson river and New York State: bye bye BIG APPLE...!

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