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Los Angeles

Last but not least: Los Angeles, the city of Angels!… Its dimensions already: 100km long x 80km wide!… When the plane flies over it, it looks like it's never going to end! 

The same …by night.

Except the theme parks, nothing much to see in L.A., but one's GOT to go to Anaheim and Disneyland!...

Doesn't this castle ring a few bells?!

Go back to childhood even for only 48 hours, who would refuse?!

One of the two intersting features of Hollywood Blvd:

The Mann Chinese Theater: digital THX, wide screen, about 1000 seats... Where the big "premières" occur!

Many famous names make one dream a lot... Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu,…

The witch's house in Beverly Hills!... A real house, with real people inside...!

R2D2…………C3PO………Darth Vader!

 Harrison Ford!

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg!

The famous foot and hand prints can be seen at the Mann Chinese Theatre...

the second interesting things on Hollywood Blvd: the "walk of fame"… (okay, one can dream, right?!)

One day at Universal studios!

Nathan Bates's motel (Psycho)

 The Jurassic Park ride… SPLASH!!!…

the warning before the ride was: "you might get wet"... I suggested:"you *will* get *soaking* wet!!!

A wonderful trip!!!

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